Sunday, May 8, 2011

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  • Redline13
    Nov 23, 11:53 AM
    Airfoil Speakers Touch 1.0.2 is out. It restores the computer artwork. Apple finally did the right thing.

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  • mike3k
    Sep 4, 07:54 PM
    An iPod update is way overdue. It's been almost a year since the last major iPod update.

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 20, 09:59 AM
    Great. I wonder why they do this, other than to boost data for iAds.

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  • blindzero
    Apr 22, 08:02 AM
    This is what I've been hoping for. You purchase a "license" and your content is available anywhere on any device. You can download it locally as well, but it's there in the cloud waiting for you. Movies/Music/Games etc. The end to buying on multiple formats, worry about losing/deleting etc. But I'm not sure this model will end up beating out music/movie subscription services.

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 19, 09:05 AM
    This doesn't look like an iPhone 3GS? :confused:

    The Samsung has a flash too. Also, compared to the iPhone 4 the Samsung is ACTUALLY available in White.

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  • davelanger
    Mar 30, 11:51 AM


    I think this is enough to show that Microsoft is unequivocally correct. The term has been in use for much longer than Apple's launching of the store and it has been ubiquitous in the computer industry for a long time.

    The way to distinguish (if it needs to be done) between app stores is by saying the name of the app store before hand, ie the Apple App Store, the Amazon App Store, or the Microsoft App Store.

    Apple did not TM the term APP they TM APP STORE.
    Its not like apple is saying they cannot call their applications apps.
    They are saying they cannot call their app store the app store.

    Like I said, MS should just call is the WinApp Store, problem solved.

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  • rdrr
    Sep 15, 06:00 PM
    I think the iPhone is going to beat out G5 powerbooks for the most annoying front page rumor.

    HA! :p

    No the iPhone posts/rumors, will have to go on for at least another six months before it reaches that status. This is still in the Apple tablet stratusphere. :D

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  • aloshka
    Apr 4, 11:56 AM
    I'm as pro gun rights as anyone, but this sounds like a problem for the security guard. Unless that guard's life was in danger, there was no reason to shoot anyone, especially in the head. The placement of that shot was no accident.

    That being said, I'm sure there are a lot of facts we don't know. Innocent until proven guilty, of course.

    Only in America, can you have the intention to hurt/kill others, but until an x amount of people are hurt/shot or raped, then charges can be pressed allow criminals to make multiple attempts until they have a good successful one before they are official caught/punished. What the hell did he think would happen robbing a store while being armed? Cops would give him lollipops? Come on, people that rob banks shouldn't be "surprised" that they were shot. He knew the consequences of armed robbery.

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  • devman
    Sep 26, 01:44 PM
    Why Cingular?
    They do not alow you to unlock their phones - even after their contract has expired. They think there is usa and nothing else. If you travel - you are screwed - roam on our network (or go to hell)! They are useless for anyone who travels beyond canada or hawaii(ok - thats only 15% of americans)

    T-mobile are far and away the best carrier in the US. They dont have the most up to date phones - but they let you un lock after 90 days - and if you speak nicely to them ,(I told em I was going on business trip to Brazil) they do it earlier.

    I asked a cingular rep if they had the unlock code for my cell. She said "No, but we have Blue-TEETH" I kid you not. They are as bad as At&T. They are only interested in screwing the customer!

    If Apple go CIngular - I wont buy one - if they open it up to tmobile, I will.

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  • doctor-don
    Mar 29, 01:28 PM
    Only way MS would get these numbers is if Windows Phone takes over the business cellular market.

    The only way that would happen would be for the phone to be GIVEN away at a price so LOW that nobody would refuse it. And it would have to include a data plan that costs practically nothing. And it would have to be contract free.

    Oh, look! There is an ad below this for HTC Aria™ for just 1� - Free shipping - AT&T.

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  • muncyweb
    Mar 23, 06:31 PM
    Gotta keep the revenue flowing ya know..

    De facto U.S. Senators asked Apple? Who are the servants in this scenario? Who is the injured party? Punishing one for the irresponsibility of another, tis the American way.


    Participate in lawful governments like the NCAR ( (

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  • mazola
    Sep 14, 10:05 AM
    It could be no other thing.

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  • shecky
    Sep 14, 10:08 AM
    So is this a stevenote or not? i think that might hint at what caliber of goodies are coming

    curious about that myself. historically, have there been "special events" like this without a stevenote? (or a philnote, for that matter)

    i think that just aperture would not justify a stevenote, but more than just aperture might (tho aperture would be the primary subject)

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  • Chundles
    Oct 12, 12:39 PM

    If it is a 4 GB iPod, it has to be a Nano, right???

    What else, could it be??

    You have to link to the images, not the flickr page.

    And that's just the U2 special edition iPod.

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 12:27 PM
    Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be another device like the Apple hi-fi. What a let down that was!

    So we will get movie service from iTunes, a new iPOD NANO with a metal scratchproof case, a new Airport extreme with Audio and Video OUT... no hi-def for sure... and a bump in processor speed for the whole line.

    Am I really leaving anything out?

    We'll see next week. The hype always just creates this big let down for me. Hopefully my negative attitude will bring me happiness, regardless of what is presented.


    Steve likes to see people squirm..:p

    Prediction :

    iMovie Store
    True Video iPod
    23" iMac
    Speed bumps

    "One More Thing"

    That media device we've been watching for.

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  • rlhamil
    Mar 23, 07:13 PM
    Idiots. Someone taking the trouble to be more aware of their situation is probably cold sober. More information is likely to prevent more dangerous behavior than it causes. At worst...what? People go faster in the boonies? They do that anyway, at least with something like this they stay awake while they do it.

    Senators are not supposed to be a hundred little tinhorn dictators telling people what to do, either. They ought to do something useful, like _cut_the_budget_, instead!

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  • MattInOz
    May 3, 06:19 PM
    My iMacs have 2 Firewire ports (a 27" and a 24") which I use for TM and a SD clone external. The new iMacs only have one FW port - with 4 USB connections. Seems like a slower way to have to back up, and I see no externals out there that run Thunderbolt.

    Am I missing something? :confused:

    You can daisy chain the Firewire drives.
    I'm assuming you don't run both backups at the same time as both would be competing for the internal drive and would make the whole process much slower what with all the seeking well and internal drive speed being the limiting factor. So if only one device is moving data at a time then the two devices in Daisy Chain shouldn't be noticeably slower than on dedicated ports.

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  • brepublican
    Sep 2, 04:02 PM
    Hey guys, just hope some stuff comes out on the 5th, like new MBP with some C2D, i guess that should show up... and doesn't need any kind of keynote show.... and maybe the mini ... to with some improved specs ... as far fot the MB, that is what I'm waiting for ... shouldn't show up at least by the end of the month !!! But who KNOWS ..... ???? :rolleyes: A litle suprise would be nice !!!!
    I think the focus is on the iMac and mini. I have been waiting long enough for this...

    This is gonna be one hot upgrade:D :D

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  • vwcruisn
    Mar 23, 05:31 PM
    trapster started out by showing where speed traps are. Why wasn't this app pulled long ago to help "save lives?" I didn't see the families of victims killed because of SPEEDING drivers upset about the app. Just sayin...

    Apr 25, 03:01 PM
    I wonder if they'll go SSD and maintain the price-point by saying bye-bye to the superdrive? I hope so, i'd prefer SSD speed over a disc drive which i hardly use anymore.

    Also, i'm thinking the black bezel might go. In my opinion, the black hinge doesn't look too good when the rest is metal.

    Bigger trackpad, for Lion's gestures?

    I hope they don't go sloped, like the air. But then again, when it comes to design, Apple always make it sexy, so i don't mind really.

    Can't wait anyway, i was recently thinking of buying a MacBook Pro, glad i didn't jump in too soon :)

    Sorry, but the cost of an 80GB SSD is about $500 NZD, while an optical drive costs $30 NZD. Don't think it'll quite cover the cost ;) Oh, and if you want something like a 500GB+ SSD your looking at $1000+

    Sep 13, 09:27 PM
    this is definitely a style over da heck do you dial a number with clickwheel?

    of course, if this is a slider phone like chocolate, then this is an awesome design.

    Oct 27, 09:56 AM
    Liked the short advert.

    Did make me laugh.

    Apple should rip out all there roofing at there HQ and replace it with Solar Panels and replace the heating systems with CHRP systems.

    That would help a lot.

    Mar 29, 02:29 PM
    No. Looser and looser = extra extra baggy! :D

    LOL, I guess next time I try to insult people I should show my stupidity as mooch as that looser.

    neko girl
    Mar 18, 03:39 PM
    In other news: You need a haircut, barber says..

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