Sunday, May 8, 2011

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angela simmons bikini. angela simmons bikini. angela
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  • akm3
    Apr 25, 06:39 PM
    Getting rid of the optical drive would be stupid. No way to burn CDs (yes, I buy CDs because I like supporting artists and I like higher quality music) and no way to watch DVDs (no DVD player or TV here in my dorm room).

    I think you're being sarcastic but what the hell...

    What does burning CD's have to do with buying CD's? Also you can support artists by buying from iTunes or Amazon mp3. Finally, you can watch MOVIES through iTunes or Amazon or Netflix, or if you really want to play plastic discs, an inexpensive external DVD burner would let you listen to CD's, rip CD's, burn CD's, watch DVD's, rip DVD's and burn DVD's. If you do all these things in your dorm room, you'll alway have your external. Things that you don't need >50% of the time shouldn't be built into the computer, in MY opinion. It irks me to carry my heavy ass Dell work computer and see serial ports and parallel ports and useless stuff on the back, making it bulky and heavy.

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  • jofarmer
    Sep 12, 05:31 PM
    And we FAIL to get ability to load 640x480 H.264 Baseline encoded video "...because it cannot be played on this 11month "old" iPod." What a crock! It's a load of bullocks I tell ya!

    I take it that your conversion is over and the old iPod cannot play "Hi-Res H.264" and my asumptions prior in this thread where right :/

    And as I already pointed out, that owners of "old" iPod 5G will have to reconvert movies and TV series and EVERYTHING they download from this day an, since all movies and tv episodes will be in 640x480 from now on.

    Geez. Unlike M$ Apple has never been to much concerned with backwards compatibility, users without at least 10.3 Panther don't get much new fun these days. But like this....?

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  • chopsuey158
    Sep 12, 06:27 PM
    What does this mean for the long-rumored widescreen ipod? Are they saving the new samsung 120gig drives for that? Will they wait until the hype dies down then hit it hard with the new 6g ipod like last year? Personally I like the updates, better battery, brighter screen, gapless playback(!), more storage. I just don't want to buy this and then have an uber ipod out in a month's time...

    angela simmons bikini. angela simmons bikini. angela
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  • Slix
    Apr 22, 11:48 AM
    Awesome. I want a current MBA, but they're a tad too much right now. This will lower those prices.

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  • GGJstudios
    Mar 18, 03:50 PM
    It doesn't need to be a virus. They're relatively rare issues these days even on Windows. Malware is about stealing identities (big money) not hackers playing games with machines
    Identity theft is not malware and it's not targeted at just Mac or Windows. It can be done without using computers at all. There is no antivirus software that can protect a computer from the user's own stupidity or gullibility.

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  • Glideslope
    Apr 25, 07:14 PM

    Unibody Liquid Metal, or a Aluminum/Liquid Metal Hybrid.

    It's NOT going to be Carbon Fiber.

    It's going to be "Magical". :apple:

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 10, 08:47 AM
    Is the 24" as quiet as the MacPro? Have you been able to compare to the 20"?
    The store is noisy, so it is hard to say. To me neither was making a sound.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 12, 12:39 PM

    If it is a 4 GB iPod, it has to be a Nano, right???

    What else, could it be??

    You have to link to the images, not the flickr page.

    And that's just the U2 special edition iPod.

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  • tbobmccoy
    Apr 14, 07:03 PM
    They wouldn't have to add more hardware. USB3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0. They would only have to disable 3.0 protocols somehow or artificially speed limit it to 2.0 speeds. I wouldn't put it past them. I KNOW if they got Blu-Ray drives somehow included with their hardware (i.e. only thing available), they would STILL not support it except in DVD/CD mode. Apple will do what they think is best for them NO MATTER WHAT. They don't give a flying rat's hind end about what the consumer wants. Steve thinks he knows better than anyone and he has a whole army of groupies telling him he's right so how on earth could he ever imagine otherwise?

    I think this is a bit paranoid. Blu-ray just isn't that great of a tech for Apple to justify the increased cost of adding it to the MacBook Pro. Yes, there is some bias due to their DLC, but I doubt that's the ONLY reason blu-ray isn't available. Plus, I'd rather go without a drive period on my next MacBook. Give me the space savings, extra battery life, etc and let me have a thunderbolt drive, since I never use the drive outside of... installing software, and even that's rare these days.

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  • BC2009
    Mar 30, 11:30 AM
    I don't claim to know a thing about trademark law, but looking at this simply I find it difficult to understand how the term "Windows" can become a trademark but "App Store" cannot.

    Agreed.... Macs had windows long before PC's had "Windows". I think that if one can be a trademark then the other surely can. Personally, I think that if there were no such precedence, then neither should be allowed as a trademark. But terms like this have been allowed as trademarks for quite some time. Microsoft should just drop it -- what is their vested interest here anyway? There are a thousand things they can call their application store.

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  • FFArchitect
    Mar 30, 12:35 PM
    The term "app" may be generic, but there was no "app" until Apple came into the picture. Apple got there first and everyone (as usual) followed.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 30, 03:53 PM
    Besides abolishing the ability of your graphics card, there are other interesting features of the processor. The hardware giant has confirmed that Sandy Bridge was designed with an integrated content protection to prevent piracy of high-end digital quality.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I do not understand what Tampa Tom has said. Abolishing the ability of your graphics card? Sandy Bridge was designed with an integrated content protection to prevent piracy of high-end digital quality? What does that mean? It doesn't sound good. What type of content? Thank you, in advance, for any replies.

    P.S. There are quite a few comments here regarding USB 3.0 and Blu-Ray. I think that if I go out and buy a brand new computer and it has USB that it really ought to at least offer the newest version. As far as Blu-Ray, I think that it would really be nice if Apple would at least offer it as an option for those that want it and are willing to pay a little extra. Just like extra RAM or a larger HD.

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  • tpavur
    Apr 4, 11:48 AM
    being the CCW permit holder that I am... I sure hope this guys did more than break some glass; security guard is going to feel a lot of pain for this one... doesnt matter if that guy was running with the whole damn store being pulled behind him, can't shoot at all for this one. I really hope there is more to this story.

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  • Auax
    Apr 11, 09:50 PM
    In fact, i hope one day i can use it to stream video. possible?

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  • Zoboomafoo
    Sep 13, 10:39 PM
    Not what i was looking for
    I wanted a smart phone wheres the keyboard ?
    i can buy an itunes phone right now from cingular but i dont want one
    what makes them think i will buy one now because its from apple and not motorola

    There's a number of reasons why the non-smart phone route is best.

    1) try to do one thing and do it well. the ipod is great because it does one thing very well.
    2) start from the bottom and build up.
    3) it's always easier to add a feature than it is to take one away.

    who knows, we'll see when/if it comes out. i tend to not like phones that have sliders.

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 9, 04:03 AM
    i would think that the imac 24" 2.33 is looking mighty nice about now.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 20, 09:53 AM
    Not good. I need an explanation.

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  • amac4me
    Sep 13, 09:00 PM
    When this thing is released, it's gonna sell like hot cakes :eek:

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  • Glideslope
    Apr 4, 11:52 AM
    Everyone decrying the head shot, if you read the better of the two articles, you will see that gunfire was exchanged. The guard didn't just open up on people running away with loot. They opened up on the guard in the attempt to get away. If that happens, all bets are off on what the guard can do.

    Arm Chair Enforcers. Easy to complain until you've had the experience. :apple:

    Apr 22, 02:19 AM
    I really hope this happens but I have a feeling that it will be hobbled in some way. If it runs from an iTunes master copy of songs then it might preclude people uploading music that has been ripped from CDs or bought somewhere else (like Amazon).

    Actually, Amazon gives you 5 gigs of space on your cloud drive for your own MP3s. When/if you buy songs from them, you get additional space for the songs you've purchased.

    Apr 19, 07:07 AM
    No ... YOU want.

    Yep, he's the only iPhone user in the world who wants a better notication system, and a built in radio so he doesnt have to stream it over the internet. :rolleyes:

    Aug 28, 12:26 PM
    God I want a 15" Merom MBP, but I need to get rid of my MB first, and I want iLife '07 in them. I can't wait for Leopard. Please Steve, read it...:D

    Apr 17, 01:47 PM
    Published in USA today. An article titled "Are Lives Really an Acceptable Price for Fuel Efficiency?"

    Actually, I doubt that's where you read it.

    A google search of the terms: Are Lives Really an Acceptable Price for Fuel Efficiency + USA Today comes up with this as a top hit: Arguing with idiots: how to stop small minds and big government By Glenn Beck, Kevin Balfe, Steve Burguiere, which apparently references the 1999 USA Today article.

    Are you a Glenn Beck fan perhaps?

    That would explain so much. :rolleyes:

    Mar 23, 06:48 PM
    Our courts have said that the U.S. Constitution requires the publication, among other requirements, of DUI roadblocks. Other requirements of roadblocks include the police having a set procedure of how they are going to pull cars and that the procedures are adhered to during the roadblock. Thus, when the police set up a roadblock they have to publish it in a local newspaper.

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